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WWC 2023 Day 5: Round-up

Overnight at the Women's World Cup, both Germany and Brazil secured dominant victories, leading them to the top of their respective group tables. The winning sides collectively scored 10 goals while preventing their opponents from scoring.

In contrast, Italy and Argentina faced a tougher challenge in their match, but Italy's experienced captain made a crucial late goal, securing their victory. Brazil vs. Panama

Ary Borges made an impressive World Cup debut for Brazil, scoring a hat trick, a feat that no other Brazilian player has achieved before. Her first two goals gave Brazil an early 2-0 lead, and she completed her hat trick with a late goal. Brazil's win against Panama marked their ninth consecutive opening match victory in World Cup history.

Brazil dominated the match against an overmatched Panama side. Ary Borges made her mark early in the 18th minute, heading in a cross from the left side. She later added her second goal in the 39th minute, tapping in a rebound from her own header. In the second half, she selflessly set up Bia Zaneratto for another goal instead of pursuing her own hat trick. However, she eventually completed her hat trick with another header, securing Brazil's victory.

Marta, another Brazilian star, joined the match in the 75th minute, continuing her remarkable World Cup performance streak that dates back to 2003 when she was just 17 years old. With 17 goals, she holds the record for the most World Cup goals by any player, male or female.

With this win, Brazil claimed the top spot in Group F and will face France in their next match, while Panama will play against Jamaica. Germany vs Morocco Germany's captain Alexandra Popp led her team to victory over Morocco, becoming the first North African and majority Arab nation to participate in a Women's World Cup.

Popp scored two goals, one in the 11th minute and another in the 39th minute, setting the stage for Germany's convincing win. Klara Buehl and an own goal by Hanane Ait El Haj and Sara Dabritz contributed to Germany's six-goal performance. Italy vs. Argentina

Italy also had a tight match, and the veteran Cristiana Girelli emerged as the hero by putting the winning goal in with a leaping header straight across Vanina Correa. She said scoring that winner was more significant than her hat trick against Jamaica back in 2019...

Italy's 1-0 victory over Argentina moved them to the top of Group G alongside Sweden, both with three points each.

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