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Wanderers midfielder Kyle Dempsey charged

Kyle Dempsey, a midfielder for Bolton Wanderers, has pleaded guilty to assault after admitting to an attack on a doorman at Maryport Labour Club in Cumbria in July. In court, Dempsey expressed embarrassment for his actions, stating that he had "completely lost it." The assault occurred after a pre-season friendly game between Bolton and Carlisle United. It is apparent he [Dempsey] has been handed a 12-month prison sentence, suspended for 18 months - guilty of Actual Bodily Harm. [Burnden Aces]

Kyle's father, former professional rugby league player Michael Dempsey, admitted to assault and damaging a door during the incident. The judge at Carlisle Crown Court is currently hearing additional evidence before sentencing on Wednesday. Although the Dempseys claim that they acted in excessive self-defence, prosecutors are disputing their claims based on CCTV footage. Before delivering the sentence, the judge will determine the degree of culpability of the Dempseys. Regarding the incident, the midfielder acknowledged the potential consequences, stating that it could be disastrous for his career. After 27 years of building his football career, he expressed that ruining it with one mistake on a single night would be devastating and would likely harm his relationships with family members. Dempsey scored the opener at Wembley for Bolton Wanderers against Plymouth Argyle in the final of the EFL Trophy and helped lead Bolton to a 4-0 victory to become 2022/23 Papa Johns Trophy winners, as Bolton continue their pursuit for promotion to the Championship from League One.

Back in court, the prosecutor, Gerard Rogerson, presented CCTV footage to the Kyle, showing him throwing punches and kneeing the victim, Mr. Jarvis, a number of times. Rogerson questioned him "You've completely lost it there, haven't you?" The defendant, Mr. Dempsey, admitted to it and explained that he felt the need to defend himself against Mr. Jarvis, who he believed was capable of harming him. Despite this, he expressed embarrassment over his actions. The court was informed that a fight had occurred after the Dempsey family returned to Maryport, and the defendant was briefly knocked unconscious in the street by someone he knew. The man was observed heading towards the Labour Club, followed by the father and son, who intended to speak with him. Mr. Jarvis testified in court that he pulled Kyle Dempsey outside after he arrived at the club along with a group of people. Michael Dempsey then threw a punch, followed by multiple strikes to Mr. Jarvis's body, face, and head. Mr. Jarvis managed to break free, reported the incident to management, and locked the front doors before Michael Dempsey broke through and charged at him aggressively. Mr. Jarvis grabbed Kyle Dempsey's collar, but the footballer allegedly struck him several more times. Mr. Jarvis denied using anything other than restraint techniques and claimed that he suffered a broken nose, chipped teeth, bruised ribs, heavy bleeding, and a substantial cut to his head.

Self-employed bricklayer Michael Dempsey testified that he was initially punched and taunted by Mr. Jarvis, allegations that the bouncer denied. He said he feared for his son's safety and career, stating that "As a parent you just want to protect your son and your family." He expressed embarrassment over their actions and how they ended up in that position that night, just by going out for a family day.

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