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Sunderland lose to OFFSIDE Sheffield Utd goal

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Sheffield United travelled up to the North East tonight for their away fixture versus Sunderland at the Stadium of Light. The game seen Sunderland take the lead at the half hour-mark through a Michut goal before Sheffield battled back with two goals to continue their impressive run of form in the Championship.

Fans at the SOL and viewers watching at home on Sky Sports were quick to pick up on what happens to be an offside goal from a Tommy Doyle free kick.

This happens to be as Sheffield United midfielder Sander Berge attempts to play and appears to get a touch on the ball as it rolls into the net - however, regardless of if Berge did or didn't, this would be attempted interference and simply becomes offside as shown by all angles from when the ball was played. Sheffield United went on to win the game 1-2 as a result of this decision. In a previous article written by Crowdplod it was highlighted that Sheffield United forward Billy Sharp appeared to be let off with punching Luton Town midfielder Tom Lockyer. No bookings or acknowledgement of this were given from the EFL referees. The EFL officiating issues continue to rage on and have large negative impact on competitive games - no more than 4 days later.

There has been calls many-a-time before for VAR to be introduced into the football league realm, however on the contrast of those shouts there has been many protests. Some fans feel like this would be a huge benefit to the EFL in order to cut out the impact of wrong decisions being made through incompetence. Fans who appear to be against those calling for this regularly outline the issues VAR has brought to other divisions where it has been rolled out. These fans feel VAR could have an even worse impact on the EFL. We have seen this in the Premier League with tight lines and awkward angles being used to come to a decision, but in football - hairline offsides and no-malice tackles can always be seen as miles offside and 'straight red's by the opposition. This is an argument we have all spoke about for a while and will continue to do so. However it simply does not justify the football league expecting naivety from fans who pay good money to watch their team robbed by poor officiating. Something needs to be done regarding the standards of officiating in the EFL in adherence of the basic rules set out by the FA, which seems to be ignored, week in - week out.

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