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Romeo Beckham signs for Brentford B.

Romeo Beckham, 20, son of footballing legend David Beckham, has made a significant career move by inking a permanent deal with Brentford B. This decision marks his departure from MLS side Inter Miami which is also owned by Romeo's father David.

After a successful short-term loan spell, Romeo Beckham officially joined Brentford B in January, playing as a right-winger, showcasing his talents and potential during a six-month stint with the Bees' B team in the prior season. His performance apparently impressed the club's management, leading them to offer. To secure Romeo's services on a long-term basis, Brentford B will reportedly pay large compensation to Inter, which is no surprise in the current market.

Interestingly, it is believed that Romeo's choice to remain with the London-based club is in order to stay closer to his partner, Mia Regan. The couple have been in a relationship for over three years now. The things we do for love, eh?

Romeo has officially swapped out sunny Miami for a long stay in rainy West London in hopes of progressing his football career. It might not be too long before we see him seep into Premier League starting line-ups. This is a great move for Beckham, but we would assume this is now sink or swim time for the young player as the talent pool Brentford are working with is huge.

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