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More details on the Dunston/Gateshead incident

In a bizarre series of events, Gateshead's pre-season match against Dunston UTS has been postponed due to owner protests, with someone stealing a hearse and doing doughnuts in the middle of the pitch. One man was even spotted exiting the hearse with (what seems to be) a gun, causing major panic amongst the fans.

The protests also have their own bizarre twist, as it turns out that Steve Wraith, who promoted boxing and Newcastle legends events (and seems to be associated with either one or both of the clubs involved), and has been accused of hanging around with a pedophile. The man who brought the gun onto the pitch is said to have threatened to "kill" Steve Wraith for his association with the club.

The pedophile in question is a man called Kane Huchison - a former football coach and dubbed the "Beast of Bensham" for his crimes against minors, to which he plead guilty to in 2015 at Gateshead Magistrates Court. With a history of crimes, he was issued a name change and took on the name "Mason Maxwell", and has since been convicted of many more crimes (both related and unrelated to sexual activity with a minor).

It is said that Steve Wraith ran clubs alongside "Mason Maxwell", with accusations coming forward that the two are "very close" and that Wraith visited Maxwell during his time in prison. The note that has been posted online as to the reason of the protests states as follows:

"BEASTS OF BENSHAM - Kane Huchison and Steve Wraith are long term friends. Kane Huchison was arrested and convicted of child abuse. Steve Wraith ran clubs with this man, also drank with him and they are very close.

He even visited him in prison. How come Wraith was interviewed but never charged? Due to the fact that the children refused to testify against him. You have a pedophile in your club. He leaves your club, and we will leave your club alone."

Wraith also retweeted the news about Gateshead, then deleted his retweet after realising it was about him. As I said, this situation is absolutely, categorically, bizarre in every way possible.

Quotations were used in this article to prevent any potential false accusations - we will update you on any information that potentially comes to light.

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