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Manchester City clinch 3rd consecutive Premier League title

The achievement of City winning their fifth Premier League title in just a measly six years should instil a huge sense of apprehension in those attempting to dethrone Guardiola's exceptional champions of England.

City successfully defended their title again this year, as Nottingham Forest defeated Arsenal on Saturday, subsequently giving Pep's men yet another title to wave around at the Etihad.

Rather than showing signs of complacency due to their familiarity with winning trophies, City's determination to maintain their dominance seems to be intensifying.

In fact, City's consecutive Premier League triumphs for three seasons in a row, a feat not seen since Manchester United in 2006-07, 2007-08, and 2008-09, exemplify their exceptional prowess.

With this, City are now on track to replicate Manchester United's historic accomplishment in 1999 by becoming only the second English team to secure the Premier League title, as well as triumph in the FA Cup and Champions League - of course, winning 'the treble'. This does now however come down to whether they can achieve success against Inter Milan in the UCL final and whether they can beat Manchester United in the FA Cup at Wembley...

This is now something we can never take away from City, as Guardiola's brilliant guidance, a dynasty has been constructed, one that will only grow bigger and stronger. This team possesses no apparent vulnerabilities, assembled by one of the greatest managerial figures in the history of our sport and any more trophies for Pep's men will surely be the cherry on top of the icing for the blue side of Manchester.

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