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Liverpool dominate rivals Manchester Utd at Anfield with 7 goals

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Sunday evening we witnessed a historic victory for Liverpool at Anfield. This is one of the heaviest defeats for Manchester United in over 90 years. Boxing Day of 1931 is the last time they were defeated by a margin of 7 goals and it has finally happened again - in by far one of the worst possible places as a Manchester United fan for this to happen. At the home of one of - if not - their biggest rivals, in the North-West derby. The first half was almost 50/50 until Cody Gakpo managed to bag his first of the game. Liverpool went into the second half a goal up. Immediate and pure dominance from Liverpool in the second half resulted in Utd conceding an additional 6 goals in an extremely embarrassing fashion. Were the Utd players still rough from winning the Carabao Cup just days prior? Who knows - but they now need to bounce back as top 6 is still very much within their grasp.

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