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Why Harry Kane is right for leaving Tottenham

Footballers dream of winning trophies, and Harry Kane’s move to Bayern Munich is further evidence of this, but the German Bundesliga probably isn’t the most desired accolade. He’ll take anything at this point it seems as the England captain jets off into Europe, and the 30-year-old is sure to target European glory with his new side who’ve won the Champions League six times.

Kane probably has a nice collection of his personal achievements on his shelves, with golden boots, various player of the year awards, and much much more. Then there’s bound to be tucked at the back somewhere an Audi Cup winners medal and one more recently from the Tiger Cup. But, I think it’s clear to see Kane desires more than that.


Winning the Bundesliga with Bayern Munich who dominate domestically isn’t looked upon with amazement, but for Kane it’ll at least be something and some success. If Spurs had finished in the top four last season, who knows, he may have stayed and seen out his contract for another year. But, in the build-up year to the European Championships there’s no hiding from the fact that the striker wants to compete at the highest level, and actually has a very good chance of European success with Bayern.

The striker has nothing to prove at Spurs - their all-time leading goalscorer with 280 goals and the best player in their history. The 30-year-old has netted over 350 times for club and country and been with the North-London club since 2004 during his youth career days. It’ll be sad for all Tottenham fans to see their hero and homegrown star go, but surely there must be some understanding. The loyalty he’s shown throughout his years with the club is to be admired - you don’t get many who stick around at a club for as long as he has.


The fact Kane is off to Bayern Munich to claim a pretty much secured (like it is every year) Bundesliga title says it all, he’s had enough of trophyless Tottenham. And, who can blame him for going. He’s going to play Champions League football at one of the best clubs in the world, with great players, and will escape the club mocked for never winning anything. It mustn’t be forgotten the striker is 30-years-old and doesn’t have long left at his peak, so the best time to go if ever is now.


When young Harry burst onto the scene, it was clear to see he was what Tottenham needed. He’s been a leader, goalscorer, creator and icon at the club for years, but sadly not everything lasts forever. Sometimes, a player outgrows a club, and that’s what has happened here.


A few years back Tottenham were challenging for trophies and they had a team worthy of Kane staying for, but now the Englishman is head and shoulders above the rest. The 6ft 2 striker is off to be surrounded by 10 other world-class teammates on the pitch, as he rightly should.


Spurs fans are also maybe forgetting the great deal they’re getting out of this, the England captain might’ve had the best intentions in mind for Tottenham with his move to Bayern Munich. The London club are reported to be getting 100m Euros upfront with add-ons of up to 20m Euros.


Kane is doing wonders for Spurs here - he certainly wouldn’t be worth that amount in a few years time due to his age - and let’s not forget he only has a year left on his contract. So, with the striker moving away Spurs can cash in and net some money to spend, it just remains to see if figures like Levy will spend it.

That’s probably another reason to go, the toxicity surrounding Daniel Levy at the club circulates every season and the Spurs Chairman doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon.


So a new adventure awaits the striker and club-legend, and we can only wish the best for him with Bayern. It’s a good deal for all parties involved, with the striker, Spurs, and Bayern getting a good deal. There’s no doubt the Englishman will return to represent his country upon each international break, and then we’ll get to see Kane find the net in England like the bagsman has for many years with Spurs and for his country.


What do you think of Kane’s move to Bayern Munich? How much of a loss is he to the Premier League?

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