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Everton to Stay Up Despite Points Deduction

It's now been exactly one week since Everton made an appeal against the 10-point deduction delivered by the Premier League, which was made due to financial breaches over three years. The Toffees had allegedly made a loss of £124.5m over three years up to the end of the 2021/22 season, breaching the financial threshold by approx. £19.5m.

In a brief statement across social media last Friday, Everton stated "Everton Football Club has today lodged with the chair of the Premier League’s judicial panel its appeal of the decision by a Premier League commission to impose a 10-point deduction on the club. An appeal board will now be appointed to hear the case."

Everton had previously said the points deduction was 'a wholly disproportionate and unjust sporting sanction' and that the club 'does not recognise the finding that it failed to act with the utmost good faith' and therefore dismissing claims that they breached financially.

However, the fighting spirit of Sean Dyche, the Everton side, and the loyal Merseyside supporters have helped lift the club back up the league table and almost completely diminishing their deducted points already.

Following the 10-point deduction, the Toffees sat in 19th, though recent wins over Nottingham Forest and a shock win over Eddie Howe's Newcastle United last night have lifted them out of the relegation zone - had they not had 10 points deducted, the Toffees would be above 10th placed Chelsea.

Sean Dyche had a lot to say about his side's mentality to overcome the points deduction, stating "The mentality is key for me. We took a knock, but there have been a lot of knocks here over the last couple of years. But the team mentality is growing. I can’t emphasize it enough. The commitment to each other and the connection is a powerful thing because I know we’ve got quality."

"Without those 10 points, we’d be in an amazing position - 20 points would be amazing relatively to the last two seasons here" said Dyche.

This does beg the question however, what happens to the likes of Manchester City and Chelsea, who have a history of ludicrous spending? Man City allegedly have 115 breaches of financial regulations, dating back to 2018.

Everton received a 10-point deduction despite breaching financial rules a significantly less amount of times than the Manchester side, so you would think, if found guilty, that Manchester City would be facing either a heavy points deduction or even relegation.

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