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Could Ipswich do it? Unlikely promotion contenders

Ipswich Town's recent resurgence on the pitch has caught the attention of many across the nation. Their remarkable 3-2 victory over Premier League side Wolves in the Carabao Cup last night was nothing short of spectacular, helping to showcase themselves to fans and prove that they are seriously within contention of gaining promotion.

After eight games into the Championship season, Ipswich Town finds itself firmly entrenched in 2nd, narrowly behind recently-relegated Leicester City. This is an achievement that cannot be understated, particularly given the fiercely competitive nature of the Championship, especially when you consider the fact that Ipswich were only promoted to the league this season, after spending four consecutive seasons in League One.

Clubs in the Championship are known for their relentless pursuit of promotion to the Premier League, and Ipswich is no exception. Their early-season form suggests that they might genuinely be in the race for that coveted promotion.

However, it's worth considering the potential pitfalls that could await Ipswich this season. As we've seen on multiple occasions, it's not uncommon for clubs to experience a dip in form after an impressive start. The grueling nature of the schedule, injuries, and the pressure of a promotion race can take a toll on even the most promising teams. Therefore, Ipswich must be prepared to navigate these challenges and maintain their performance consistency throughout the season.

Ipswich's last appearance in the Premier League dates back to the 2001-2002 season. Unfortunately, this stint ended in relegation, marking the onset of a prolonged absence from the upper echelons of English football. They have played in the Premier League for a combined 5 seasons, dating all the way to the inaugural season in 1992-93.

Amazingly, their highest finish came in the 2000/01 season, where they finished in 5th, before following it up with relegation in 2001/02 by finishing 18th.

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