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The Celtic/Palestine Situation...

Celtic have released a statement condemning the use of 'political messages and banners' at matches as fans showed their support to Palestine, following the conflict between Israel for the occupation of the Gaza Strip.

Fans at Celtic Park, particularly the Green Brigade Ultras, help up banners displaying 'Free Palestine' and 'Victory to the Resistance' before Celtic's Scottish Premier League fixture against Kilmarnock. Celtic claim that they 'disassociate' with the flags and stand firm on the decision that political messages and banners 'are not welcome' at Celtic Park.

Former Celtic player and Israel international Nir Bitton has hit out at 'brainwashed' Celtic fans over the banners displayed against Kilmarnock. Bitton showed his anger on an Instagram story, in which he said;

"Shame on you!! Yes, free Gaza from Hamas, not from Israel! Supporting terror organisation who's proudly celebrating the slaughtering of families is absolutely crazy! Embarrassing!"

"Most of you don't even know where Israel is! You have zero clue about this conflict and you still act like you know everything. As a father of three kids, I want to see how you react when your innocent kids getting slaughtered and kidnapped in front of your eyes!"

"And please don't tell me this is what Israel do to Palestinians because this is far from being true! Stop being brainwashed and biased and educate yourself with facts!!"

The Green Brigade have also hit out - though at Celtic - due to apparent hypocrisy from the Scottish club.

Celtic seem to have shown support to Ukraine in the past, yet condemn political messages and banners for support to Palestine. In a statement by the Ultras, they said; "Political messaging was welcome at Celtic Park then, yet it's being condemned bow. The question on any reasonable mind should be why? Why are Ukrainian lives more sacred than Palestinian lives?"

"The Green Brigade remains unequivocal in our support for the Palestinian people, as we have been consistently. We have supported various Palestinian projects throughout our history and for over a decade have developed a close relationship with Aida Refugee Camp culminating in the formation of the Aida Celtic football academy in Bethlehem."

"We send our sincere solidarity and prayers to our friends across all of Palestine at this traumatic time when yet again much of the international community turns its back in cowardice while war crimes are inflicted on a largely defenceless imprisoned population."

"We call on the Celtic support - the true custodians of Celtic Football Club - to stand on the right side of history. In 2016, we defiantly raised the flag and matched the fine for Palestine. Now, more than ever, the Palestinian people need our solidarity."

On October 25th, in their match against Atletico Madrid, Celtic fans may once again raise the Palestine flag and show the world that Celtic Football Club stand with the oppressed, not the oppressor...



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