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Are Roker Report Right: Can Sunderland Challenge for Playoffs?

Sunderland fans have experienced a lot of ups and downs over the past decade, with relegations, failed promotions, and all of it broadcasted to the world via Netflix.

However, in recent times, they've managed to turn it all around. So, I’m here to give a preview of what to expect as a fan, in the upcoming 2023/24 Championship campaign.

We spoke to Roker Report (@RokerReport via Twitter) and they gave us some much anticipated answers to lingering questions.

Firstly, we asked who would be their standout player this season.

My early shout for this is Pierre Ekwah. The rate at which he's improved since arriving in January is scary, and I don't even think we've scratched the surface when it comes to how good he could be.” they said.

Pierre Ekwah joined Sunderland from West Ham in January 2023 and instantly impressed The Black Cats.

We followed up by asking how confident Sunderland fans are and where they will expect to finish this season.

I think we'll make the playoffs again. I have a feeling that the top two will be Leicester and Leeds, but after that it's a lottery. We're the most progressive club in the division and play some excellent football, which counts for a lot, and I think most teams will struggle to live with us if we continue to improve.

Seems confident, eh?

They narrowly missed out on the playoff final last season, losing 3-2 on aggregate to Luton - who eventually went on to win the whole thing.

Final question we asked Roker, and the big one. “Are you happy with the transfers, so far?”.

Signing Jobe Bellingham was a brilliant coup, so I expect a good answer here...

"Yes, very impressed. It's unheard of for Sunderland to make four signings in June, so we're already way ahead of where we usually are.

They then went on to finally criticise their only lack of depth.

We're short of a striker or two, an attacking midfielder and a backup goalie, but I'm confident they'll come and that we'll eventually get what we need.” 

Furthermore, Sunderland fans have a lot to be exited about coming into the new season. That’s not something people have been able to say lightly over the past few years...

However, Tony Mowbray has it right at Sunderland at the moment. With a good style of attacking football to admire.

Daniel Ballard is my one to watch, excellent centre back with a great physical presence.

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