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All 2023/24 Premier League home kits: Ranked

Another Premier League season rolls around, and that brings 20 fresh home strips for our English sides. There have been belters in recent times with kit manufacturers and designers getting evermore creative and advanced with their capabilities. But, there have also been some shockers. Crowdplod ranked the home kits of our sides in the Championship, and you can read that article here. Let’s get in to our favourites and not so popular home kits for this season. Ranked from worst to best... 20th - Aston Vila

The downfall of Villa… As much as I want to like it, like many I can’t see past the horrific sponsor. It’s too big, promoting betting, and yellow. The new badge - I can accept, it looks clean, but I think with the Cazoo sponsor of last season this kit would be much better and not bottom of my pile. It’s a tough one to dish out because the colour scheme of Aston Villa’s kits are always easy on the eye, but for me this is the worst of the lot. 19th - Fulham

The kit has each colour from the badge and all the tones associated with the club, but not with the right design. Such a downgrade from last season in my opinion, this is foul and looks like a relegation kit. I really like Fulham and what they did last season, but I cannot take pleasure looking at their new home kit. The black around the shoulders and top of the shirt looks horrific to me and the red stripes on one side and white on the other ruin symmetry. It’s a shame because last season’s was one of my favourites. 18th - Chelsea

This may surprise a few, but I really don’t like it. The sponsor-less shirt looks like a training kit and rightly so brought about mixed opinions. What’s going on with the badge too? Looks silly. They went for a ‘retro 90’s’ look apparently, and as some said ‘what’s 90’s about this?’ It’ll be well-rated by some, but it’s not for me. 17th - Brentford

I loved that Brentford recycled their 2021/22 kit and used it the following season, but I would’ve mind if they created a new one next year. The simple red and white stripes on their previous strip were lovely, but this season I don’t rate it. The sponsor is too big, but after all we must shove it into everyone’s faces about betting, the stripes have got wider and so there are less, and the black in the most random places ruins it in my opinion. Oh well, we’ll look forward to them doing the double over treble-winners Manchester City again. 16th - Burnley

What a downgrade. Tough to match last season’s kit, but they have gone to the other end of the spectrum this year. Their 2022/23 kit was a classic, fit for a classic Championship team who’s sponsor was Classic Football Shirts. Unfortunately, they’ve lost that sponsor, and Umbro have lost their creativity too. It’s very boring compared to their previous strip, and as the collar returns we’ll see if this kit will return them to the second division. Although, with Kompany in charge it’s unlikely - what a job he’s done. 15th - Luton

I quite like this, but it reminds me of EasyJet... Nothing much to say, but again, I think it’s worse than last season’s. 14th - West Ham

They’re forever blowing bubbles, and bubbles now appear on the shirt. It doesn’t get me really excited, but there’s nothing to complain about. Declan Rice won’t feature wearing the shirt this year but they’ll wear it with pride in European football after their amazing success and glory last season. Solid, but not groundbreaking. 13th - Tottenham Hotspur

Simply, because what’s changed? You can’t expect much to with a Spurs kit, but it’s not set the world on fire. It’s simple, clean and of course very white. Good job by Nike, but they didn’t have to graft much with this one. 12th - Sheffield United

Sponsor-less, but pretty clean. A few have this approach this year with no sponsor on the front and with Sheffield United it looks good. Likewise to Brentford their stripes have got thicker and less in numbers. Whether it’ll be a shirt that leads them into another year of Premier League football, we don’t know. Many have them to go down, but they’ll look sharp on the field this year. Rumour also has it there could still be a sponsor being slapped on there, with a return from Randox Health. 11th - Everton

Not much has changed from last year’s kit, other than the addition of patterning and a collar. I like these additions. Looks clean and celebrates the traditional element of Goodison Park, a classic, and wonderful stadium which has unfortunately become outdated. A nice touch from Hummel, they’ve done well with this one. 10th - Bournemouth

Tenth a position come the end of the season that they’d be delighted with, and one their kit deserves. Some may even argue higher. It’s really clean, I can’t pick a fault with it. The kit doesn’t excite much, but is smart, easy on the eye and well designed. Also, a massive upgrade on last season, the traditional stripes are back in place of the zig zags from last season. Good job Umbro. 9th - Manchester United

The sponsor has got bigger and less attractive, and in my opinion the shirt has lost some of it’s class from last season, but yet again Adidas have produced a lovely strip. The black looks great, as the white collar from last season departs. However, what brings it down for me is the random shapes, although very faint and in the background of the bold red, is there any need? Many United fans will disagree though, because theirs is always the best. It’s smarter than their away kit, so that’s a positive. 8th - Manchester City

Pipping their Manchester rivals, City have another really nice shirt, worthy for treble winners. Their badge returns to the left position instead of the central position it took upon last season’s shirt, and a lighter blue can be seen. The addition of the white goes so well with the colour, and we will be sure to see Erling Haaland score plenty in the kit. Puma continue to do well with City. 7th - Liverpool

Inspired by the kit worn by the legendary 1973/74 squad, a white collar has returned to Liverpool’s home kit. It’s last season’s kit with some white added on. It’s simple but will be a success shirt sales wise, with many fans bound to purchase the new strip. Many would rank it higher and rightly so. Nike have produced a good one here, and not over done it, the nostalgia is gooood. 6th - Nottingham Forest

Banger. Simple and effective. Adidas haven’t done much just taking a red shirt and adding a badge and their iconic stripes, but it looks great and traditional. It’s a proper classic for me, and yet another club without a sponsor on their kit to ruin it. Easy on the eye and just having Adidas as the kit provider improves it from before with Macron. 5th - Wolves

It may come as a surprise to some, but Castore have maintained their high standards with a great home kit for Wolves this season. However, Castore’s high prices definitely bring them down. One thing you have to admit is that they keep it simple, and never over-do it. It’s really smart and the collar looks great. For sure an improvement from last season, the Wolves fans will just hope their football will get bette too. 4th - Brighton

This is slick. It’s going to look great in Europe, and likewise to Bournemouth, Brighton’s kit this season sees the return of their traditional stripes. A vast improvement on last season’s kit, and their American Express sponsor fits perfectly. It’s fitting for a side doing so well. They’ll look great, and hope for another great term. Brighton fans will just hope to keep their excellent boss for as long as they can. 3rd - Newcastle

Here we go, the top three. Castore again keeping it simple and producing a very good strip. In my opinion this is class. Just black and white - that’s Newcastle. Another strip which will look great in European football. The sponsor shape probably the worst thing about it, but it’s black instead of blue and blends brilliantly. I really like this one, proper Newcastle. 2nd - Arsenal

What a kit this is, it’s stunning. The gold on their shirt is simply lovely, although we hope Adidas didn’t design this kit expecting them to win the league last season. The zig zag, lightening-like strips down the shirt are probably not required and are just a needless edition, but this has to be one of Arsenal’s best kits. They’re known for their great kits, like the away strip last season, and the gold on the home shirt this year looks mint. The Gunners will just look to strike gold this season and claim some glory which they narrowly missed out on last season. 1st - Crystal Palace

This may come as a surprise to many, but what can’t you love about this kit. It’s pure bliss. It’s giving Barcelona 2008/09 kit with the half and half blue and red design. Year after year Palace have a great kit, maybe it’s just their colours, but how can you hate this. The kit celebrates their ten year anniversary since promotion to the Premier League, after an incredible 2013/14 season. But the standout feature which just tops the design off, is the Palace background. As the side said online: “The shirt features a subtle background detail: a silhouette of the original Crystal Palace, where the club was founded in 1861 and played from 1862.” It’s amazing and I love this feature. There’s nothing I’d change about the kit, and their sponsor goes well. Palace’s kit may not be your cup of tea, but it’s certainly mine, and it’s taken top spot this year. Let us know your favourite and least favourite kits.

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