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2023/24 League One home-kits: Ranked

We have ranked every & all EFL League One home-kits for the 2023/24 season, let us know what you think! 24th: Carlisle United

Looks like my local bus seats.

23rd: Port Vale

Just think there’s a lot going on with this kit. It’s actually not the worst ever, but there’s much better on this list.

22nd: Stevenage

Exact same with 23rd, the white lightning add on isn’t needed to be honest. Prefer it with just red all over.

21st: Reading

Only putting these here as I don’t know what them buildings on the shirt represent, sorry.

20th: Barnsley


19th: Bristol Rovers

Classic kit. Not sure about the collar part. Ruins it for me.

18th: Lincoln City

Actually a nice shirt, just very basic and bog standard from Lincoln.

17th: Northampton

Same with Lincoln, very much the same. Do like the collar though.

16th: Wigan Athletic

Could be better. Not too sure on why the diamonds are on there.

15th. Derby County

Clean shirt, apart from the shoulders. Derby always produce nice kits so this is a shame.

14th: Shrewsbury Town

Collar ruins it for me, I understand the badge colour and all that but. Man, it really doesn’t look appealing to me.

13th: Charlton

Collar is very nice, I rate that. I wish the sponsor was smaller though. Too big for me.

12th: Portsmouth

Nike always produce bangers. Is very generic though.

11th: Peterborough United

Again, the sponsor is massive and the badge being in the middle is quite odd. Looks similar to Portsmouth too.

10th: Blackpool

Classic. Not the worst, not the best.

9th: Burton Albion

The exact same as number 10. Can’t complain.

8th: Exeter

The sponsor is a bit off putting, “HEL”. Christ. But, I actually like this shirt, love the sleeves and shoulders.

7th: Leyton Orient

First glance, top 3. When actually looking at it now, why have the massive white patch? Just keep it red. Lovely shirt though, the black stripes are quality.

6th: Cambridge

Simple but effective. The sponsor is big but doesn’t take away the fact this is a lovely shirt.

5th. Bolton

That collar is amazing. Brilliant.

4th: Fleetwood

I really like the pattern, unreal shirt. Bet it looks good in real life too.

3rd: Oxford

“That is bloodeh loveleh”

2nd: Wycombe

Wycombe always produce clean shirts. Freddie Potts my hero.

1st: Cheltenham

I would literally wear this out and I am a West Ham fan. Beautiful.


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