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-1 for Reading, -8 for Wigan: What's The Difference?

Reading have received a one-point deduction with a further three points suspended after the IDC (Independent Disciplinary Commission) determined that the club had breached EFL Regulations.

The point deduction comes from the club failing to pay wages on time around October and November 2022, as well as April 2023.

Having a one point deduction brings Reading's point tally down from 3 to 2, as they have won just 1 of their opening 3 games in League One.

Owner of the club Dai Yongge has also been fined £10,000 and ordered to deposit an amount equal to 125% of the Club's forecast monthly wage bill in a designated club account, in order to avoid further breaches.

If not paid within 28 days of the IDC's decision or if continuously failing to pay wages prior to June 30th 2024, then the suspended points sanction (3 points, as mentioned earlier) will be activated.

We spoke with @TalkReading for their views on the situation, with focus on owner Dai Yongge.

"Reading fans have been very patient with Dai Yongge. Nobody can deny the money he has pumped into the club (over £200m) but he has consistently put his trust in the wrong people and ultimately all that money spent has ended in relegation. The 6 point deduction last season sent the club down to League One and then further news broke of late payment of player wages, and late HMRC payments." they said.

"Due to Dai not having the liquidity to run a football club, his ownership is unsustainable and until he sells, the good times will not return."

This situation can actually be likened to what happened recently at Wigan Athletic, as the former Latics' owners failed to pay staff and player wages last season on a number of occasions and had points deducted as a result.

Then, in the latter stages of the season, they had an additional 3 points deducted, which subsequently resulted in their relegation from the Championship, too. Not to mention their huge 8 deduction this season...

Latics still also have a 4-point suspended sentence; the situations seem similar to each other, though it seems as if Wigan have been given much, much harsher deductions.

I spoke to Daniel Stacey (@DanWAFC03) of and fellow Crowdplod writer, about how these circumstances have felt from a Wigan fan's point of view:

Dan said "I think our punishment for last season was fair. Do the crime get the time and we were right to be punished during the season it happened. I don’t really agree with the 8 (points deducted) this season and it’s not impacting the former owners that put us in this position, but I can kind of see why it happened."

Fans on both ends appear to be scratching their heads, some confused and some relieved as to why the punishments were different this time around, for essentially the same crime.

Which begs the question...should the EFL have more consistency when penalising clubs for similar situations like we've seen time and time before?

What is your take on the situation? And do you believe that the punishments were justified?

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